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Yukiko Hanamoto

Born in Arimano, Mie Prefecture. After graduating from university, participated in Paris and Milan Collections as the personnel in charge of promotional planning for a domestic apparel maker and as the Japanese PR representative of overseas maisons. Later, studied in Shanghai, China where she began producing jewellery. In 2012, entered Hiko Mizuno College or Jewelry, Osaka. In 2016, advanced to the postgraduate programme in jewellery within the same college, this time in Tokyo. In 2017, presented her first collection,'DEER TTORI\" JEWELRY', and won the Kameyama Award at'rooms EXPERIENCE 35'. In 2018, relaunched as the jewellery brand'ALIMANO'. The motif of her creation is the original I皿dscapc of her home town, Alirnano. She seeks out potential materials while exploring the law of beauty hidden in nature.


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